Every day is different and although most of our fish are caught on the bottom, we can also catch some big game fish like Mahimahi, Ono, and Tuna while trolling to and from the bottom fishing spots. We even caught a 350+# marlin on the way out to the bottom fishing spot one morning. We get a much wider variety of fish on the bottom fishing gear. Most of our guests are interested in taking some fish back to the condo to grill up so we usually start by targeting the tasty ones. Snapper like the blueline (Ta’ape), and gray (Uku), are very tasty though the blueline snapper rarely exceed two pounds. Goatfish like the Moilua and Kumu are caught less often but are equally tasty. Several species of trevally (jacks) are also found here and we can catch any of them. Among the more common are the bluefin trevally (Omilu), goldspot trevally (Papa), amberjack (Kahala), and the highly prized giant trevally (Ulua). Some of these are very good eating especially when small but all are highly prized as game fish, especially the Ulua which is considered to be the most highly sought after inshore game fish in the state. We have caught over sixty different species of fish on our bottom fishing trips but if you don’t come out and try your luck, you probably won’t catch any of them.